Dissertation Help

This posts going to be useful students those are doing masters or any equivalent degree. All final year students might have heard this term dissertation. I am sure if you are not aware of this, then you will not able to get your degree. All final year students need to their dissertation (also known as project) before completing their final semester. This has some more weight age. According some universities, if you want to get merit or distinction then you is required to score merit or distinction in your dissertation. If you have scored merit in your entire subject but not in dissertation then you will not be awarded as merit.
If you have scored merit in your dissertation, and if you failed to get merit in any one subjects then you will get the merit certificate with out any difficulties. Colleges or universities will give more time to do the final dissertation, you have to research on particular issue and you need to develop two questions. You need to answer for that question with proper example.
You can even analyze one industry. It is your wish whether complete your research or keep as much as you can. Most important about your dissertation is that it gives good scope to your resume.

Recession 2009

We are at the end of the year 2009 and ready to welcome 2010. No in this world forget this year as it has made so many difficulties to the public. Most of the business has faced slow down in the year but it started to recover at the end. Information Technology is the one among the many industries which never forge this year. Many companies lost their clients, laid off their employees for not getting any project. Market all around the world changed drastically, many investors has lost their money as well as their lives.
One of the top most IT firm satyam seriously affected by this economic recession and the Managing Director arrested for showing the balance sheet improperly. At one point of time the share price of satyam was above 400 rupees but after this issue it went down to 6 rupees per share now it again reached above the 100 mark.
Housing sector is the next one which was affected and the sales down to less percentage. Real estate business almost struck, there were no business to them. They reduced the price of the land much less but they couldn’t able to attract more and more customer. It was not good for all lets welcome 2010 with hope.

Cars for India 2010

Car manufacturers in the world looking forward to capture Indian car automobile market. It has huge scope for this upcoming year. There are so many middle class people in developing country like India. They are really aim for the compact car. It gives them less burden then luxury one. There are so many cars to be launched in upcoming year 2010.
Let me list some of them here, world famous car manufacturer ford going to launch its compact car named Figo in the second quarter it costs less than ever before. Actual meaning for figo is cool. Nissan car manufacturer put up a plant 4500 crores plant in India going to launch its small car in second half of 2010. It named as Nissan macro because of its size. Chervolet’s beat going be launched in the same period which is compete with Hyundai i20 model.
The above said model will be available both in petrol and diesel format. European leading car manufacturer going to make foot print in India with its compact car named polo. It has huge expectation from the consumer. After huge success of Hyundai’s i10 and i20, it’s going to launch new version i30 with more function. Maruti going to launch it luxury version named Kizashi in Indian market. And last but not least Japan’s leader Toyoto going to launch Prius to Indian market in 2010. Dream about your car; hope one from this will discover our dream.