Research Methodology

Research methodology: there are different ways in which you can carry out your research. Each one has its own advantage and disadvantage. The word count of this part is same as the previous one it has 20 % of total word count and you have to include more and more data in this part. In this part, you need to discuss about the designed research program. There are so many common ways to precede your dissertation. In this part you need to identify the research questions which were formed in the last part that is in literature review part.
Collecting data is the important part of the dissertation, you can take survey, you can develop questionnaire, or interview. There are different ways of doing this interviews this will be discussed in later. The main type of interviews is telephonic interview or face to face interview. Select any methodology for your dissertation and discuss why you have chosen this particular one in your program. You can explain the advantage of having this methodology over others. At the end of this part you have to tell about the difficulties or problem encountered while preceding this particular method. Selecting the perfect methodology gives you some advantage. Take care of selecting research methodology.

Literature Review

Literature review: reviewing the literature is special art it should be done in good manner. This part should have 20 % of total word count. This is the place where you can compare and contrast your ideas. You can relate your ideas with some other and you can even explain how you are looking some problem.
Critically review the literature and if possible give some example which supports your points. It will be better if you could include or use some kind of theories in to your dissertation. You can use the management theories as much as you can. It adds strength to your dissertation. You have explained how the theory impacts on your own discussion. It is recommended that you have to three to four theories in your discussion. Giving reference to your points is one of the important aspects of structuring your project. Give reference as much as you can, it shows that you have done some ground work in your research. Be aware of giving reference, it should be related to your topics. It is good to have at least ten references in this part. Research question formation is one of the important parts of your dissertation; you have to develop the question in this part but no need to give explanation for those questions.

Introduction of Dissertation

Introduction: this is the place where your actual dissertation starts. The word count will be considered from this part. The word count should be ten percentage of your total word count. But it is not fixed you can vary this limit but should be acceptable. This part of your dissertation should explain about the over view of your total project and it may vary from one to another. You can even divide the total introduction part in to three parts, those are introducing the topic.
Here you need to tell what your topics all about. Give clear explanation about your topic and it should be as simple as you can. In next part of your dissertation just discuss about the key areas to be covered. This key area includes, what is your specific area to be analyzed. It may be marketing or human resource management or retail operations.
And final part of introduction should discuss about the primary aims and objective of your topic. Just remember that your introduction should have 10 % of your total word count and it should be the face of your dissertation. Each and every part of your dissertation should be related to each other.

Sample Abstract of Dissertation

Abstract: This is the starting point of your dissertation; please go through the previous post to get some information about this dissertation. It would be better if your abstract contains 300 to 400 words but it is not necessary to have this word limit, it can be varied. This word count will be considered in total word count. It is up to you to have your own word limit. You can divide this abstract part into two section first one explains about what you are intend to do and it should be one third of your abstract.
The second part will be two third of your abstract and it should describe about what you did in your dissertation and including recommendations. It is better to have abstract simple and clear. Don’t give any explanation in this part of your project. Be clear with your abstract as it is the first part of your project, reader has to understand your entire project with any confusion.

Dissertation Structure

Dissertation structure: Dissertation should follow some structure not like normal assignment. There is some standard structure in dissertation which will be discussed now. There should be eight parts but it does not matter where you keep all those topics. Those eight topics are listed here, Abstract which is the beginning of the dissertation it is similar to introduction but this includes the brief explanation about project what you are going to do and how you are going to deal this project. There should some word count; total word count depends on your university and the graduation level. If you are mastering then you are expected to do for 25000 words but it is not constant it may vary from one university to another and one course to another.
Introduction part is description about your dissertation or your task. The word count of this introduction will be taken in to consideration. Each and every part of topic will be discussed in detail in later posts. I can conclude this post by giving the topic names for your dissertation. Those are literature review, research methodology, findings and discussion, conclusion, bibliography and Appendices. Each part should have minimum word limit. Developing and discussing the research question is the important part of dissertation.