Literature Review

Literature review: reviewing the literature is special art it should be done in good manner. This part should have 20 % of total word count. This is the place where you can compare and contrast your ideas. You can relate your ideas with some other and you can even explain how you are looking some problem.
Critically review the literature and if possible give some example which supports your points. It will be better if you could include or use some kind of theories in to your dissertation. You can use the management theories as much as you can. It adds strength to your dissertation. You have explained how the theory impacts on your own discussion. It is recommended that you have to three to four theories in your discussion. Giving reference to your points is one of the important aspects of structuring your project. Give reference as much as you can, it shows that you have done some ground work in your research. Be aware of giving reference, it should be related to your topics. It is good to have at least ten references in this part. Research question formation is one of the important parts of your dissertation; you have to develop the question in this part but no need to give explanation for those questions.

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