Introduction of Dissertation

Introduction: this is the place where your actual dissertation starts. The word count will be considered from this part. The word count should be ten percentage of your total word count. But it is not fixed you can vary this limit but should be acceptable. This part of your dissertation should explain about the over view of your total project and it may vary from one to another. You can even divide the total introduction part in to three parts, those are introducing the topic.
Here you need to tell what your topics all about. Give clear explanation about your topic and it should be as simple as you can. In next part of your dissertation just discuss about the key areas to be covered. This key area includes, what is your specific area to be analyzed. It may be marketing or human resource management or retail operations.
And final part of introduction should discuss about the primary aims and objective of your topic. Just remember that your introduction should have 10 % of your total word count and it should be the face of your dissertation. Each and every part of your dissertation should be related to each other.

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